The fliplay applet
Interactive control:

If the keyboard is enabled, some keys can be used to control the animation. The following table gives an overview. Sometimes it may be necessary to click in the animation image with the mouse, before the java applet gets the focus and the keys are effective.

Note: The keys on the keypad may not work.

Key Function
Running Stopped
SPACE-BAR Stop Restart
Dot (.) Stop & Set forward play Step forward & Set forward play
Comma (,) Stop & Set reverse play Step backward & Set reverse play
Plus (+) Increase animation speed
Minus (-) Decrease animation speed
Null (0) Set initial animation speed
(R) or (r) Toggle play direction: backward/forward

A mouse click somewhere in the animation image has the same function as a hit on the SPACE-BAR. The animation is stopped or restarted. A panel is shown, if the click panel is enabled and the animation is stopped by mouse click. The panel has the following form:


This panel can be used to advance single steps forward or backward by mouse click. A click on the left triangle results in a step backward. Additionally the play direction is set to reverse play. Clicking the right triangle brings a step forward and the play direction is set to forward play. The panel can be moved within the image by clicking in the middle area and dragging it to the new position.

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